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Career Mode Rosters (editting) For Madden 13 Coach Career

Please bring back offline Franchise Roster Editting... Whereas you can use an Editted Roster for team (perhaps you want your own custom player on the team, while you coach the team!!!) This should be brought back Especially if its for OFFLINE MODE!!! Most people due to bad sportsmanship (running up score, language, stupid nano-blitzing, etc... Prefer offline Franchise modes to be a very enjoyable part of Madden Football... Why did you remove the ability to customize your rosters with the players or ratings if you want??? As long as it's not online mode, it shouldn't be a problem (since only the offline career files get saved on the user Harddrive, (and the online rosters get saved on an EA Server) Custom Rosters should have no bearing on anyone playing in an Online Franchise) so, please do a Downloadable XBOX update for this great game and Bring back the ability to edit a team roster and then use that roster for an offline franchise!!! (also... why no importing of NCAA 13 draft classes???)


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