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EA Sports UFC on PC platform.

Please people, we as UFC fans would love to get a UFC game on PC.

Right now its not possible to play any MMA / UFC game on pc. So that means we would have to add a console in order to play a great game like this..

We as pc gamers can get the same experience as console gamers by adding a gamepad/controller.

Also I know and I have read alot of forum posts arround the web people asking for a ufc game on pc.

Please upvote this idea fellow gamers!

It will also expend the UFC Community!


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  1. We really need UFC on the PC platform, it is so sad that we don't have it, there is no good fighting game at the moment on PC, I will buy this game in a heartbeat,EA is really making the wrong move not bringing it to PC, thousands of players will buy it.

    5 months ago

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    1 year ago