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Fix Freezing Issues

I realize some of the game freezing issues can be due to corrupted files. However, something should be able to be done to reduce/eliminate the frequency. Nearly every user vs user online dynasty game we try to play has freezing or disconnect issues. We wait a few hours and try again and we can play the game. It has to be something on the server side...


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  1. YES!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! please fix the freezing issues..all i play is dynasty mode offline... and my games seem to freeze quite frequently... and this really sucked because my PS3 wasn't connected to the internet so i couldn't download any patches. Please don't let the game ship with freezing issues, it's unfair because i cannot return the game for a refund, even though the game is defective..so i'm stuck with a $65 coaster.

    2 years ago

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