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Player Editing in Connected Career Mode is a MUST

Seriously I don't be this.. This used to be my favorite feature in the game. I just want to give you guys a few examples. OK now I'm an Eagles fan, so when I'm playing CC and I see Michael Vick with Long sleeves and a glove on in Preseason when it's 90 degrees outside I want the ability to change that and I can't do that for what reason?! I'm playing offline I can't affect anything...! Another thing is when I see Mike Vick with his huge Flak Jacket on I always take it off because it makes him look way to big. By taking away this feature I can't even change player numbers. Let's say I sign T.O. in free agency and I want him to wear no. 81 but someone else already has that and he's forced to wear 92 or something? I can't even change that! It's ridiculous and it must be patched in or else I'm selling this game back and EA is gonna lose fans! People are very upset including me. Please vote for this so we can get it in a update or something!!!


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