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World Cup 2014 Ultimate Team game

So here is a general idea for a World Cup Ultimate Team game for next year. Have players from the 2014 World Cup and all the previous World Cups to make up the game. It can be released as part of the official World cup 2014 game.

In the current game there are three common denominators between players:

1 - Same club

2 - Same league

3 - Same nation

In the World Cup game these can be:

1 - Same nation

2 - Same league

3 - Same generation (eg. 1970 World Cup)

Imagine having a German team with Beckenbauer, Matthaus and Schweinsteiger all in the same team. Or Brazil with Pele, Romario and Neymar? Maradona and Messi? Charlton and Rooney? Zoff and Pirlo?

Or how about team mixed with players from the same World Cup or who play in the same league? 1986 - Platini, Zico, Maradona, Laudrup, Lineker all in the same team. 1994 - Hagi, Stoichkov, Klinsmann, Dunga, Amokachi.

People have been posting about the idea of having legends in the game, some think it would detract from the current game. Here is a chance to play with many legends and keep it in the context of the game.

Of course, this is dependent on EA programming every single player from every World Cup. Perhaps this is too much but maybe they can limit it to a selection (I'd prefer everyone to choose from, personally).


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